Are you hurt and unable to work? You may be eligible to receive
Social Security Disability benefits. If you’ve applied and been denied benefits, you may have a legitimate case and need the help of a lawyer
to appeal your claim. Attorney H. Jeff McLeod can help protect your rights and get you the money you deserve.

About Social Security Disability
The fate of your case is based largely on your medical records. It is extremely important that you continue to go to your doctor and report
ALL your problems - mental and physical. If money is a problem, call
us for "free" healthcare providers. To SSA, NO TREATMENT means
no win, NO BENEFITS.

We have handled about every type of disability case there is, including:
• Breathing problems • Anxiety • Back pain
• Heart disease • Sickle cell anemia • Arthritis
• Blindness • Alcohol and drug addictions • Obesity
• Seizures despite the use of medication • Bipolar disorder • Diabetes
• Cancer • Chronic Fatigue syndrome • Cirrhosis
• Depression • Fibromyalgia • Chronic pain in any area
The “drill” for disability-- the five step sequential evaluation (20 CFR §404.1520)
1. If you are NOT working or working earning less than $940/mo ---- (but there are
IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS where you CAN earn more and still get disability),
2. You have a “Severe” impairment? (“Any Impairment or combination which significantly
limits your physical or mental ability to do basic work activities”), AND
3. If you meet the “listings” (a check list of impairment levels; you are considered disabled
(an automatic winner); IF NOT:
4. Your impairments must prevent you from doing “Past Relevant Works” (your old jobs) AND
5. Your impairment must prevent you from doing ALL other work (at this point, they go to
the “Grids” a series of tables that use your age, education, past work experience— and, most importantly, your RFC (Residual Functional Capacity, i.e., how much you can lift, how long you can stand/walk and sit)-- The “Grids” than indicate whether you are “disabled or not disabled”--- Here, being over 50 and having less than a high school education help a lot. Importantly, the Grids are only used if your impairments are strictly of a physical nature— i.e., your chances improve if you have emotional problems.---- As in poker, the game is simple, the winning is not.

Attorney fees? Good question;
You pay nothing up-front.---- The attorney fees are usually 25% of your “back-time” benefits or $6,000
— which ever is LOWER. But we have to win, to earn any fee. In the rare case that we have to go to Federal court, the fee is simply 25% of the “backtime”. In addition, there are “costs” to update the medical records etc. When the case is completed, you reimburse us for these “costs.” Of course, the costs vary in every case, but they usually run well under $100.

For example, if your back-time benefits are $12,000 and your costs are $60. The fee is the LOWER of $3,000 ($12,000 x 25%) OR $6,000--- plus your costs of, say, $60. (The ethical rules require that I mention that the 25% fee is figured BEFORE any costs are deducted from you back-time benefits.)
But there are NO attorney fees, unless we WIN your case.

If you have been denied disability, your best chance to win is at a hearing before a real judge. But by that time you have been denied twice. Certainly, by that time, you should sincerely consider hiring an experienced Disability Attorney. Jeff McLeod has been doing these for more than 25 years; give him a call 864-226-3330. We offer a free initial consultation so you can discuss your claim and get your questions answered. Simply complete a free consultation request form online or call 864-226-3330.

H. Jeff McLeod handles the following types of South Carolina personal injury cases: auto
accident, slip & fall, Social Security, truck accident, workers' compensation, and wrongful death.

If you think Jeff “fits” with you and your problems, give us a call. We don’t charge for the initial conference. Let us, together, get started solving your problem; call us at 1-800-698-1786 nation-wide or locally at (864) 226-3330.

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